Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Librarian's Book of Quotes -- Yet another source to depend upon

Title: THE LIBRARIAN'S BOOK OF QUOTES, Tatyana Eckstrand, Compiler, 9780838909881, Am. Library Association, 2009, 117 pages
About the book:
"“The Librarian’s Book of Quotes” is a compendium of nearly 300 insightful, thought provoking and inspiring aphorisms from writers from Shakespeare to Ray Bradbury that sing the praises of librarians’ skills, values and the institutions they support. "

"I have always imagined that paradise will be some kind of library;" this line from a poem by Jorge Luis Borges is among the approximately 450 quotations about libraries and librarians compiled here by Eckstrand (library science, U. of Buffalo, New York). -- "The librarian's book of quotes." Reference & Research Book News Aug. 2009.

What to experts say:
  • "Add this one to your quotations shelf. There are several hundred excellent ideas in this small but attractive volume. " Loertscher, David V. "The Librarian's Book of Quotes." Teacher Librarian 37.3 (2010): 72. Academic OneFile. Web. 30 June 2013.
  • "The text includes citations for the original source material, and a handy biographical dictionary provides background on quoted individuals. Unfortunately, the biographical index does not include page citations, so you need to browse through the book to find quotes by specific authors. The quotations are in no particular
    order. In addition, the quotations are primarily from American figures. A more extensive, global collection is still needed." Griebel, Rosemary. "The Librarian's Book of Quotes." Feliciter 56.3 (2010): 124.

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